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EcoNet Smart Thermostat EcoNet Smart Thermostat

  • Built-in WiFi and 4.3″ LCD touch screen
  • Vacation Scheduling: Allows you to save while you’re away and come home to comfort
  • Motion Sensor: Automatically wakes the screen as you approach


  • Built-In WiFi
  • 3″ LCD Touch Screen
  • Local Weather: Current conditions plus 6-day forecast
  • 5 Operating Modes: Heat, Cool, Auto, Emergency Heat and Fan Only
  • 7-Day Programmable Schedule: Offers comfort without thought
  • One-Touch Away: Quickly switch to your energy-saving away preferences
  • Vacation Scheduling: Allows you to save while you’re away and come home to comfort
  • Motion Sensor: Automatically wakes the screen as you approach
  • Standby Screen: Displays indoor temperature and current weather

Installation / Setup Features

  • 4-Wire Configuration
  • Custom Push Buttons for Tool-Free Wiring
  • Automatic Equipment Configuration: Automatically detects equipment and configures equipment with optimal settings for hassle-free installation
  • Contact Info Sync: Keeps contractor contact information ready when it’s needed
  • Equipment Information: Displays software version, model number and serial number of connected equipment
  • Automatic Brand Display: Changes the screen logo based on equipment model number
  • Remote Room Sensor: Supports wired remote temperature sensor (Works with Aprilaire 8051)

Operational Features

  • Automatic Changeover: Transitions between heating and cooling automatically to keep the house comfortable

Integrated Water Control: Enables easy water heater management

  • Smooth Arrival: Prompts the system to start ahead of schedule to ensure the home is at the desired temperature at the scheduled time
  • Humidity Control: Supports humidifier accessories or over-cool based dehumidification
  • Detailed Operating Status: View pertinent equipment status information and run times
  • Continuous Fan: Offers 5 speeds (Low, Medium Low, Medium, Medium High, High)
  • Short-Cycle Protection: Avoids damage to equipment from short run cycles

Monitoring & Remote Control Features

  • Active Monitoring: Alerts to problems that need immediate attention
  • Remote Control: Allows adjusting of comfort and settings from anywehre using a mobile device
  • Service Alerts: Sends routine maintenance reminders
  • Air Filter Monitoring: Detets when it’s time to replace the air filter
  • Alarm History: Displays time-stamped alarm codes with clear descriptions

EcoNet™ Control Center EcoNet Control Center

  • Control up to 65% of your home’s energy use from one location
  • Compatible with the free Rheem EcoNet App for control of your systems from home or on-the-go
  • Reduces energy costs by up to 30%


The Rheem EcoNet™ Control Center, our intuitive, integrated air and water management system, customizes comfort while cutting energy costs*—from anywhere.


  • Controls 65%† or more of a typical home’s energy use from a single interface
  • Can reduce energy costs by up to 30%††


Built with our 360°+1 Philosophy for optimal Performance, Integration, Installability and Serviceability Control from anywhere with system wide remote wireless, air & water system management web portal and mobile applications

Operation Modes

  • Modes include:
    – Heat
    – Cool
    – Auto (includes Vacation mode)
    – Emergency Heat
    – Fan Only


  • Fully integrates with:
    – R96V and R802V Gas Furnaces
    – CC2 AC/HPs
    – EEV (Electronic Expansion Value) Air Handlers, Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps and R97V gas furnaces (coming 2015) – Heat Pump Water Heaters
    – Gas Water Heaters†††
    – Electric Water Heaters
    – Gas Pool & Spa Heaters†††
    – Heat Pump Pool & Spa Heaters†††


  • Full-color, 4.7″x1″ depth LCD touchscreen display
  • Attractive, modern design with interchangeable faceplates
  • Easy-to-read icons and text
  • Indoor/outdoor temperature display

Easy Installation

  • Standard 4-wire configuration
  • Advanced setup tools automatically recognize and configure connected equipment and select optimal operating mode

Intuitive Programming

  • Automatically configures communicating equipment with optimal settings
  • Adapts to your décor through interchangeable faceplates and adjustable background coloring
  • Full-color, 4.7″ LCD touchscreen display with easy-to-read icons and text
  • Convenient date, time and indoor/outdoor temperature indications
  • 5 Operating Modes with Short-Cycle protection (Heat, Cool, Auto, Emergency Heat, Fan Only)
  • 7-Day programmable schedule with Smooth Arrival & Whole Home vacation options
  • Detailed operating status, alarm history, and audible alerts
  • Supports humidifier accessories or over-cool based dehumidification
  • One-touch access to Water Heater Management
  • Easily manage from anywhere in the world with the compatible WiFi Module & EcoNet app for smart phones and tablets
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