"Your Comfort is Our Number One Priority!"

At Nick's Air Services we are not just repairing air conditioning and heating problems or even installing new HVAC systems, we are building relationships we hope to last a lifetime. Below, you can see for yourself what just a few of our customers have to say about us and their experience with Nick's Air Services.


I have been using this family owned company for years, bu this time was truly over the top.

I can't thank these guys enough. They came on July 3rd afternoon and got replacement done before the week was over. Great service, great people, came back to check on status the next day.

We are cool and dry through this heat wave. Highly recommended.

- Tom W.

Nicks Air Conditioning and Heating Air Conditioning & Heating Services Plano McKinney Frisco Allen Texas


Where do I start. I will always be grateful to this company for their honesty, support and all the help they gave me. I was having cooling problems with my air-conditioning unit and had another company coming to the house provided by my home insurance. The other company had to come three times and when they did the last time they started mentioning all these problems with my airconditioner and to make the story short I knew they were not telling my the truth and trying to take advantage of me so I decided to consult another company and verify my suspicions. I started to search and read reviews after reviews until thank God I found Nick’s Air Services. Sure enough, Nick went step by step with me and at the end the only thing wrong with it was the outside copper insulation tape that was half gone. In a weather of 100 plus degrees of course poor insulation affects the unit. The other company was trying to convince me to change my coil and possibly buying a new unit which was not necessary and would not say what exactly was wrong with it. Something inside me told me they were lying to my face. I’m glad I called Nick’s Air which was truthful from the beginning and told me quickly what was the problem with it. They know their business, are very professional and most importantly I’m so impressed by their honesty, something hard to find now days. Thank you for everything!!!

- Lourdes S.


This company is a rare gem. The people who work here are honest, kind, and extremely knowledgeable. I can't express how thankful I am for Nick taking time out of his weekend to help me with an A/C problem I was having. They are the gold standard for customer service, and I will without a doubt use them for any future A/C needs. Bless you guys!

- Sarah D.


How many times you come across a business where an owner picks up the call on Friday at 7:00 PM?

My AC stopped blowing cold air on Friday at 5:00 PM and the fan on outside unit stopped spinning. I called multiple companies and the earliest they could show up was Saturday afternoon. One of the company showed up in the next 2 hrs but quoted me ridiculous price, trying to take advantage of the situation.

I called Nick's Air and Nick picked up the call asked question about my fan motor , model , spec etc. He had tech call me next morning at 9:00 AM and got the motor my unit needed. Told me the price on the phone and that was less than other quotes I received. The tech came out and fixed the issue in no time. He was knowledgeable and friendly. Don't fall for big names, their call center and their mobile app or mobile billing/invoicing. I have experienced multiple companies in plano/frisco area and Nick's Air is the best. Nick's Air will be my go to company for my AC/heating needs going forward.

- Amit N.


Nick's Air Services is hands down one of the best companies we have hired to perform work at our home. They are reasonably priced, responsive, courteous and actually care about their customers. I called them on a Thursday evening at 7:00p about our air not working on a +100 degree day and they sent someone out the same evening to fix our A/C. I highly recommend Nick's Air Services!

- Joshua O.


When I say Nick's Air Services sets the standard for great service, it's no joke. When you start with disappointment from another company and finish off with utter happiness, then this is the company for you. The AC company I called before tried quoting me $3000 more than what was needed especially on items that he claimed were "not working anymore." Also the repairman called a consultant in to try and sell me a new AC while the repairman "tried to find other problems."

Several hours had been wasted through the day with a broken AC still. Luckily after friend recommended his buddy Dragan, who worked for Nick's to come in and take a look. He was there in less than 30 minutes after a last minute call for him to come take a look. He came by and checked out the AC only to find that the motor was blown and there were no other problems. Then to take it one step further, he called into the AC brand customer service to check if my motor was still in warranty, and luckily it's still good for another few years. He comes back and says all we need is to change out the motor, it's still in warranty and he will pick it up tomorrow, come back to change it out and only charge for labor.

Right as the morning came, he called and was on his way to install the motor. 20 minutes later, we have a cool AC working again.

So let's go down the list and solidify why this company is the best.

*Fast response time
*Repair what's needed and not a salesman
*Extra attention to detail
*Quick replacement turn around
*Best of all, great customer service.

- Daniel O.


I can't say enough great things about this company!

My HVAC unit crapped out on me on Friday. I called this company at 9 PM on a Friday and Nick answered and spoke with me. He had his guys come out ON A SATURDAY to check & see what was going on. Dragan called me to schedule around what time I wanted. He & Alex came out to investigate and took pictures of what was going on in my attic. Offered to take me to see with my own eyes. Everything was explained to me on possible root cause. Every question I had about generic parts versus OEM parts was explained. Financing options were explained to me along with manufactures they use. Monday morning I got another call to tell me parts were located with cost. By Monday afternoon, everything has been fixed. They even noticed the grounding wire was not connected and remedied that!

They did not try to up-sell, they just explained everything and offered recommendations. Also had a discussion with them about ductwork. I am absolutely going to use this company again! Definitely recommended!

-Ruby T.


This is a classic case of good business ethics goes a long way. I called with a problem with my heat and Nick was on a job and he asked what was wrong. After giving him some details he guided me through a very simple solution I did while he was on the phone. Boom, heat back on! Some people might think he just lost money, no he earned my respect and my old heating and air conditioning unit will now be serviced and eventually replaced by his company. And of course I want to tell people. That’s solid business right there. Saved me a hassle on a Saturday!

-David P.


When I purchased my home two years ago I had outdated air conditioner and furnace. i had a company come out and they told me I needed a whole new unit. I listened stupidly and bought a new unit but a few months later I didn't have air conditioning! I called Nick's and they came out and fixed it. They were honest and fair and I have called them for every problem since then. They don't sugar coat it but they deliver top notch service. They go above and beyond my expectations every single time. I really should buckle down and get a new furnace, but until I do, Nick's is my go-to for every heating and air problem I have. I would never call anyone else. Dragon is by far my best tech, he is courteous and always gives me a heads up when he is on his way. He doesn't care that my house is a mess or if I was an idiot and tried to fix it myself, he really just wants what is best for his clients and he always makes sure I'm happy before he leaves. Best place to go!

-Kate L.


After having a terrible experience with another AC company that our warranty company assigned to us, we had Dragon and his team come out and perform our repairs. Dragon had done work for us in the past at our previous home and I knew this repair would be done correctly if he did it. Repairs aside, we have health issues and need to have our HVAC up and running at optimal performance just about year round. I say this just to make a point. There are other companies that can do repairs but not all companies have superb customer service. Not all companies have technicians that care about the customer. Not all companies really listen when you explain the problem. Many companies will tell you one thing and do another. Dragon came, he listened, he diagnosed, he performed. Exceptional customer service! Thank you Dragon and thank you Nick’s. If you want repair and/or maintenance and you want it done right the first time, call Nick’s.

-Jane S.


Excellent Service! I wished I could give 10 starts. I highly recommend this company. This was the best experience I ever had with any company; great customer service and price. One of my coworker used Nick’s Air Services in the past and she told me a lot of good stuff about him. Nick came to my house on the same day I called him. He gave me the best quote. Nick will only give you what you need and not try to sell you something you don’t need. He is very honest person and compassionate with what he is doing. He took his time and explained everything regarding the unit and the process. The installers were amazing too. They were very professional and polite. They took their time with my questions and answered everything in detail. I have porcelain tile on my floors, so I was little nervous, but they took care it like their own home. I am glad I did business with Nick and will always call him for any AC issues. If you need new AC or service, definitely call him before making a decision; you will not regret it. Thank you Nick for your honesty and customer service.

-Ugur P.


We had a last minute air conditioning emergency, and Nick was willing to accommodate our work schedules. He came out quickly and promptly and got everything back up and running with no hassle. Prices were competitive. We've been through a lot of AC guys: Nick outperformed them all and will definitely be our new air conditioning pro.

-David B.

If you have any questions or would to enroll in our preventive maintenance agreement, please feel free to contact Nick's Air Services at 214-900-6096.

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